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Premedical Mentorship Program

The Premedical Mentorship Program is a program founded in 2011 that networks incoming freshmen with current premedical students. Freshmen are matched with mentors with similar academic backgrounds and interests, in particular but not limited to those in the medical field, to form small mentorship groups. Mentors share their experiences as premedical students at Princeton with, amongst other subjects, various courses, major choices, study habits, and extracurricular activities such as research and clinical work. They will also encourage the freshmen to consult the Health Professions Advising Office for specific questions regarding medical schools and professions. During the year, the Princeton Premedical Society will also hold social events that all participants in the program are encouraged to attend. The goal of the program is to foster a strong sense of community among premedical students of all classes and to provide freshmen with a personal resource they can turn to for peer perspectives on any and all questions they may have as they prepare at Princeton for a successful future career in the field of medicine.


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